Using Searches, Tips, and Avoiding Scholarship Scams

***REMEMBER: All Scholarships must be submitted to the College Office at least 3 weeks before the deadline, and accompanied with a stamped, properly addressed with Francis Lewis High School as the return address, self-adhesive envelope (four 44 cent stamps for regular sized), AND a BLUE Tear-off Sheet.

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Visit New Visions Scholarships for New York City Students

Scholarship Search Engines

Fastweb’s Scholarship Search
Find scholarships that match you!

Federal Student Aid’s Search for Scholarships
You can search by Typing in a key word(s) in the box for the category of scholarship you are seeking such as: music, law enforcement, biology, community service, etc.

CollegeBoard’s Search for Scholarships
Locate scholarships, internships, grants, and loans that match your education level, talents, and background.

Use your Naviance account to search for Scholarships!

Using Searches, Tips, and Avoiding Scholarship Scams

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